Rio +20

ICLEI Rio +20

20 June 2012

Local Action Day


The Local Action Day on 20 June, saw many more cities and organizations showing concrete actions that can be taken in order to ensure sustainable development.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government presented its local cap-and-trades program, being replicated by the State of Rio and Chinese cities, proving how effective emissions reductions actions as well as sharing and learning among cities and regions is.

ISEAL Alliance and the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), together with the city of Barcelona (Spain) and Buenos Aires (Argentina), showed how sustainability standards can be implemented efficiently and effectively at the local level, thus driving the sustainability agenda.

The City of Auckland set an example of ambitious goals, presenting its long-term strategic direction for Auckland's growth, development and social, environmental, economic and cultural well-being, aiming at making Auckland the world’s most liveable city by 2040.

Cities kept being in the spotlight with the Network of Local Entities through Sustainability of Navarre (Spain), Tainan (Chinese Taipei), Itu (Brazil) and Medellin (Columbia) outlining their concrete local actions to implement a green urban economy and sustainable development governance.

The launch of the Local Sustainability Study 2012 by ICLEI revealed some of the main outcomes of the assessment of 20 years of local action, including focus on long-term engagement and tangible outcomes, public control over key resources and the role of national and international support.

The UPP (Pacification Police Units) project, presented by Instituto Pereira Passos, helped make the link to the Rio+20 host city and its success in involving marginalized communities in sustainable development projects, through the cooperation between the private sector, public institutions, governments and civil society.


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