Rio +20

ICLEI Rio +20

The Rio+20 Global Town Hall was a great success!

Running from 18 to 22 June, the Rio+20 Global Town Hall offered on 18 and 20 June a rich program of presentations and debates, co-organized by ICLEI with partners and cities and highlighting the experience and capacities of local governments and their concrete contributions towards a sustainable future by 2030.

On 21 day, during the high-level Cities Leadership Day, ICLEI convened leaders from all level of governments and other mayor players to look into what decisions need to be taken today, to ensure that our economy and our cities will provide the desired conditions to achieve our vision of a sustainable future by 2030.

On 22 June, the final day of the UN Summit, the State of Rio convened a joint day for associations of local and sub-national government organizations, where concluding messages from the previous days of discussions and negotiations were presented to the audience and to the world.

Gain a better insight into each day of the Global Town Hall! Check out the newsletters, session descriptions, presentations and photos:

18 June - Sustainable Urban Development Day

20 June - Local Action Day

21 June - Cities Leadership Day



All in all, we would like to thank our generous host and supporters, all partners, panelists, participants, the audience, and the ICLEI staff on such a great accomplishment.



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