Rio +20

ICLEI Rio +20

Decisions we need for the city of 2030

21 June 2012, 19:00- 20.30 h, at room P3-6

In 2050, about 9 billion people will live on this planet – how can we ensure at least basic, decent livelihoods for all with more equity and social justice when current trends indicate that by 2030 climatic changes will have taken effect, scarcity will have led to significant price increases in water, food, mineral oil, natural gas, and many materials? ICLEI’s vision is not to merely look at the status quo and make incremental improvements to it, but rather to consider the systemic changes we need to make now in order to ensure sustained human life on earth. Within this approach, the side event considered specifically how we must design our cities now in order to create a sustainable urban future. Which decisions have to be taken now and by whom in order to create a sustainable city by 2030?

Facilitator: Gino van Begin, ICLEI Deputy Secretary General


  • David Cadman, ICLEI President
  • Philippe Joubert, Senior Advisor, WBCSD
  • Staffan Tillander, Swedish Ambassador for Rio+20
  • Herbert Girardet, Co-Founder, World Future Council
  • Manish Bapna, Acting President, World Resources Institute
  • Lasse Gustavsson, International Executive Director of Conservation, WWF
  • Luciano Frontelle, Rio+20 Youth Delegate

Fondation Charles Léopold Mayer